End the Abuse of Hens Around the World

White egg-laying hens are crowded together in dusty, grimy metal cages.
Above: Hens around the world endure severe physical and psychological trauma on factory farms.
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Packed into a cramped, barren cage, she will never get to spread her wings. The global egg industry is desperate to keep her suffering a secret.

Behind closed doors, the global egg industry is sentencing millions of egg-laying hens to a life of extreme suffering, packing these innocent birds into tiny wire cages in dark, dirty, industrial facilities designed to churn out eggs—all at the expense of animal welfare, worker safety, human health, and any semblance of ethical consideration.

In short: a crisis is unfolding. But kind people like you can turn it around—and protect the animals trapped in our broken food system.

Life in a cage is endless agony. These hens barely have room to raise their heads or turn around. With no way to perch, forage, nest, or mother their chicks, they suffer from extreme psychological distress. Most develop osteoporosis, leading to brittle, broken bones. Finally, after laying hundreds upon hundreds of eggs for just a year or two, their bodies are completely spent, and they're sent to slaughter.

A world without cages is possible. Food companies have the power to eliminate cages from their supply chains. It starts with a promise—and with putting that promise into practice. And change is already happening. Because compassionate consumers like you spoke out against cruel confinement, hundreds of food companies have already committed to freeing hens from cages—acknowledging that the bottom line is no longer justification for animal abuse.

Let’s keep going. For the animals.

You can call for an end to cages once and for all by pressuring corporations to create cage-free policies and stay true to their word—because empty promises won't empty cages. When commitments go unfulfilled, they lose their meaning, deceive consumers, and harm animals.

Join us in demanding that corporate giants eliminate these cruel cages altogether—and help bring us closer to a world where no animal endures abuse.


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